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Optionryder420 04-11-2006 09:46 PM

I was perfectly powered at EB for the first 30 minutes, then was riding LITT on my pulley bar for the other 30 minutes.

Ate it hard on a raley... board ended up digging into the mud and I pulled out a screw on my footstrap...

Going to cab-o-sil/Microsphere mush it back in tonight...

No DP for me :(

Thursday though is my Bday and I'd be down for a dawn patrol then if it's still going to be windy :D

Man, those raleys are a hell of a lot of fun...

That pulley bar is so good when it's light and when I'm powered up... but when I get super lit, I'd rather be on a regular bar... it's easier to go upwind since it depowers so much more.

bryanleighty 04-11-2006 10:29 PM

Late evening when it really kicked in.. anyone driving up to the skyway would have thought it was a freakin BEST Kiteboarding Demo..

3 waroos, 2 Yargas and a lone Nemisis were the only kites on the water for a while ... funny...

Dude on the 12m Waroo, riding that f**ker with pulley, was going HUGE.. insane.

Another amazing kite day. 1 hour in the AM. 3 hours in the PM. Yowza!


E-Bone 04-12-2006 06:18 AM

Yeah, Hazmatt was throwing down on his 12m 'Roo. I try to stay upwind of him when he gets to charging on the pulley bar so I can enjoy the show.

Jayson and Randy hazed me until I went out and did some surface kiteloops on the 9m 'Roo. That was insane but addicting. More abuse to my body is pending, I guess.

I am going to keep an eye on this evening, maybe we'll have one last evening session this week.

Stevil Kenevil 04-12-2006 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by toby wilson
Both of you can just cool off until you can hang with me and pull off the tricks that I have patented...overpowered on a 20.5 M Machine when it's blowing 30 to faceplant to oh shit to help me MOMMY!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Mr. Wilson, I am sorry to inform you, but I have already mastered that trick(dirty diaper).1/4 mile ass skip is my record, so if you think you can beat that, then bring it on. I will be at EB today, awaiting your challenge....

toby wilson 04-12-2006 08:55 AM

Mr. Kenevil, your challenge is readily accepted!!! The shallow water should make it even more interesting, and will make for a much dirtier diaper than normal!!! You had better put on your big boy boxers and take the panties off today Stevil!!! Game on!!!

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