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Coach 02-27-2008 04:11 PM

No Scott...i don't think you were being critical at all. Plus, you ride with me all the time and know that I am a safe and respectful rider, or least try to be. I think I am still a little groggy and pissed off at being stuck inside. That is why I apologized (in advance) in the next post. No offense taken or perceived. Thanks again. I am fine.

kiteUSF 02-27-2008 04:21 PM

Just read the post. I was actually driving over the skyway after getting my broken rib looked at when I saw toby really close to the road. This must have been right after it happened. Glad to hear you are alright.

Coach 02-27-2008 04:52 PM

and to top this shit all off, the freakin fire ants got me as i was crawling in Bob's car. Nasty bites on my foot. What a day.

Skyway Scott 02-27-2008 05:24 PM

I personally found that sort of humorous. Here is a guy that just got worked, arm lacerated, etc. He is dealing with the pain pretty well.
Then... some little ants bite him.. YOWEEEE.... I hear.
That's when I knew you were gonna make it. ;)

toby wilson 02-27-2008 05:27 PM

Yep, that was right after the accident, I recovered Bill's board, then went downwind to see how badly he was hurt because I could get back upwind with my kite much faster than anyone on land to let someone know if he was critically injured to call an ambulance. Thank god that was not the case.

Bill, I don't think that there is ANY rider in this community that could have handled the situation any better than you did yesterday (including Billy Parker). You ARE a kook though. ;) Just kidding! Your experience paid off, you stayed calm, tried multiple times to release yourself from the kite and luckily were not too close to shore when it happened so you had a few seconds to think although you were being drug under so I am sure that thinking was out the window and your instinct just kicked in.

ANYONE who wants to put this on something that Bill did or did not do is just foolish and pulling the blinders over their eyes. ***t happens out there, you cannot predict when, where, or how it will happen. I have had my share of kitemares over the past 3 years, I have been lucky that they were not as bad as Bill's, Tom's, Bayflite's Josh's or Christopher's. Gear gets old and you don't notice, heck sometimes BRAND NEW equipment fails.

Props to Bill for doing what he could yesterday in the little bit of time that he had to make descisions, in my opinion he is a great example of what our area riders are all about.

Tom Stock 02-27-2008 06:05 PM

Oh lord Josh's and bayflites ... those were two real bad ones.

Coach 02-27-2008 06:55 PM

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Toby. And thanks for bustin on me about the fire ants, Scott. Funny stuff. You know I am hurtin, bored and pissed off when I am posting back and forth with you knuckleheads on the kite forum! Thanks for everything guys.

Chad085 02-27-2008 08:04 PM

here's a perfect example of new gear failing: my pretty much brand new rev on a downwinder yesterday, the center line between the CL and the actual lines themselves is like a 2 part grey rope. Those familiar with SS know what i'm talking about. one side gets cleated into a depower chock. Well, the OPPOSITE side of this line that does NOT even go through the cleat to get chafed, decided to snap on me, leaving me with an 11m 2 line trainer kite. I felt something odd, like it was stretching, and looked down at my bar to see the line unraveling right in front of me. WTF??? It defintely was NOT chafed or damaged prior to launch, i always check that stuff. I started hauling ass towards the beach as soon as i saw it and got about 1 kite length away when it snapped. The best part was when the rev's safety system really shined. There is an auxiallary line that runs through the bar up to a front line ABOVE what broke, like a 5th line setup similar to ocean rodeo, ozone, etc. So i let go of the bar thinking the kite will flag, and it did, and the safety line snapped. WTF??? bye bye rev!!!! special props to Trip for sitting on it while flying his kite until i made the swim in, although at that point i was so pissed i didn't even care if that thing rag dolled down the beach and got f@#$ed up. So just to solidify what everyone else has said, sh#t can and will happen, just take every precaution possible to minimize the risk. Hope your recovery goes well dude, sorry to hear it. get well soon

RickI 02-27-2008 08:09 PM

Congratulations on coming through and welcome to the recently concussed. There is something that members of that group should be aware of, SIS. It isn't a Federal Agency or even a new made for TV series. It is more serious than that. Getting rigged out with a good lid is just one step, you still don't want to whump your head in the next year with or without one. More at:

skempthepimp 02-27-2008 10:53 PM

That was the craziest experience I have had in kiting yet. First off, it was way more than 12 or 15 seconds, it was more like 40-60. I was way too outta breath for a 12 second run. I also think I recall the kite hitting the water several times because I would slow down and watch to see if you were gonna get the leash off when the kite was down, but the damn thing powered up 3 or 4 seconds later. I can tell you that it seemed like an eternity to me because no matter how fast I ran you were just gonna beat me there. If I did beat the kite I still didn't know what the hell I was gonna try to do. I saw that the tree was in your path and prayed for luck, but I could hardly watch the last second of it because I really thought that I was gonna be 50 feet away from complete horror. Needless to say I am thrilled to be wrong.

When you were being ripped through/across/under the water you were fighting the whole way. What stunned me the most was seeing into a man's eye after he escaped a close call. The adrenaline exhaustion was intense and overwhelming.

When the kite crashed and you got the QR off of you, you crawled OVER a barnacle encrusted slab of concrete just to get to the beach, lay down and regroup. Your first words (besides "Don't touch me"!) were, "I was dead." It was obvious you were in a lot of pain and some shock, but there was also a shock factor of "WTF just happened" and "how am I alive" that is burned in my memory. It could happen at any time folks.

I have re-lived this kitemare a thousand times in my head today and can say that it was just insane and pretty much unforeseeable and inconceivable.

This is definitely a story I will not be sharing with my wife. Some things are better left alone.

Bill, I am just glad you got through it bro. There was nothing you could have done but hope for a little luck. For the first time in my life I realize that the Australian Pine tree isn't such a bad thing after all. Kudos to ya and a speedy recovery.

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