View Full Version : Watch Your Boards!

01-01-2006, 01:09 PM
Was riding at Skyway last Monday (west side of the north fishing pier) Not real crowded cuz most guys were riding at the gulf beaches.

Late in the day I was packing up and two young Mexican dudes (not picking on any minorities - just reporting what I saw) pulled up in a medium to dark green SUV (I think a Ford). I was parked about 30 yards away and they went up and checked out one of the last riders extra boards by the grass twice. I am sure they were going to grab it so I waved the kiter in and landed him while he put his extra board in his car.

They didn't grab the board but it looked way too sketchy (I had a bad feeling). Anyway, since there have been at least 4 boards ripped off in and around this area in the past year (all from the beach) I just wanted to pass along this thread and let everyone know to watch their gear especially if you are a lone kiter. :!: