View Full Version : LOST TO THE OCEAN @ Dania Beach. Jimmy Lewis Park Board PLEASE Return :(

12-03-2009, 01:16 PM
Dec the 2nd the wind was stoking at the Dania Beach. All was good until my board got a way from me and I was not able to body drag to get it. If any body has any info please feel free to contact me. 9548217344 I would be very grateful to anybody returning it. There is not only value to it but a large amount of sentimental value with it. I think somebody grabbed it out of the water at I was told by a broken english fisherman at Dania but am not sure? It was almost brand new with just 3 fins on it and a Salt Life sticker on the top. red and white on the top and bright blue on the bottom.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I am so bummed out that I lost this anybody that saw anything that day please contact me. currentelectric@live.ca