View Full Version : Get your lost board back !! FREE BoardFinder Service

05-26-2009, 04:09 PM
“KITADDICT™ – Ethical Kitewear” launch a FREE service to help you get your lost board back.

“Boardfinder” is quick and easy. You send a pre-stamped envelope with your name and address on it + a little note with your contact info (at least your email) and you will receive a sticker with an individual number.

When somebody finds your board, she/he will have a contact email and number to send the info. After that, the KITADDICT™ “boardfinder” team will get back to you to announce the good news: We found your lost board !!

Send a quick note at boardfinder@kitaddict.com and they will send you back the mailing address you can use to get your “BoardFinder” sticker.

To see more details: http://www.kitaddict.com/boardfinder/index.php?langue=ENU