View Full Version : Questions Answered about the Bimini Winds!!!

09-06-2008, 09:27 AM
Here are a few that I could think of. I'll post more info each week. If you have any questions that you think others would like to be answered. Post them here and we will get them answered. Kent

Q: Umm, do I need a passport or is this just like going to Miami?
A: Yep, you need a passport! Don't forget it or you're not leaving Florida.

Q: Dude, any deals on flights?
A: Yep, go to www.flybia.com or call 954-938-8891 and mention the "Bimini Winds" for the $235 round trip. It sound expensive, but you don't waste a full day flying. You're there in 20 minutes and drinkng an ice cold Kalik in 22 minutes.

Q: Yo my pal has a boat, should we just take it instead of flying?
A: Well, you can take a boat to the Bimini easily on a normal day if you know what the heck you are doing. However, November is not the time of year that you want to try this for the first time. The wind and seas in the Gulf Stream a vicious and can kick to 15+ feet in a matter of minutes. If you are taking a boat, count on giving yourself a 2-3 day window to depart the Florida mainland and a day or 2 to wait for safe return crossing. In short, relax and just fly dude.

Q: I've got a wife and kids, will this event suck for them?
A: Nope, the resort has killer pools, kayaks, SUP's and snorkeling. They will have treasure hunts for kids and you can even book a Wild Dolphin dive. The water is warm, come on in! If they think it sucks, get another family.

Q: I've got a buddy that wants to try kiteboarding, can he do it there?
A: Yep, top instructors are booking lessons now. There are introductory classes for as little as $150! These will have multiple students, but still offer a great and safe introduction in nice, warm, shallow water. See www.biminiwinds.com after September 8th for booking and more info.

Q: I'm pretty horney and looking to score with chicks, will there be any?
A: Well, there will probably be some stragglers, but it's usually best to bring your own to the Bahamas. But... as a matter of a fact, Hooters in shooting their calendar at Bimini Bay all of the way through Wednesday so a few hotties will be around when you arrive.

Q: I want to race, what's up with equipment and courses?
A: We will be doing both windward / leeward races that are normally better for directional race boards, but we will mix in a few races with some reaches. The water is flat in Bimini Bay and only about 1 ft. deep, so twin tips will still be competitive. It's usually better to race on what you know.

Q: I've never been on a kicker or a slider; will I be able to try it if I'm not competing?
A: Yep, you will have to bring a helmet, register as a non-competitor, and sign a waiver. Riders like Dre, Damo, Billy, and Modica will be there to point you in the right direction. We will have a large "fun box" for the comp. The competition scoring will only be done for a limited time each day and the "box" will be open the rest of the time for free riding. This way you can say "yeah, when Dre and I were killing the box at the Bim Winds, I pressed my stick and stuck a 3 off the rail Bra! " Dre was like "whaaaat!".

Q: I was at the Gorge Games and the US Kitesurfing Nationals and saw total team appearances from a few major brands. I ride on a cool, but smaller brand but want to be treated like a rock start by my brands representatives. How can I get the same treatment that Modica, Damo, Matt Collins, Melissa, and Clarissa get from Cabrinha?
A: It’s easy. We made killer packages and presented them to ALL kite brands in the US (at least those that have working phone numbers) and gave them a super price to sponsor a condo for team riders and good customers. If they are really cool, they will give you a buzz and send a rep along to pump your kites like Todd Greaux does for Damo. They may let you stay for free or charge you a small nightly fee to off set some of their costs (this is actually fair as we kite companies are actually very small and don’t have much money). Most importantly, if you ride for NAISH, NORTH, CAUTION, BEST, OCEAN RODEO, SLINGSHOT, or a few others along with any good Florida shop or club give them a buzz and let them know that you are interested and want to go. I have personally sent all event info to each of these companies and stoked them on the event. Now it’s up to you to insure that they push your team and help you to represent at the “Bimini Winds”.

Q: So I'm pretty good and probably going to win most of the cash, how much will I win?
A: We will post the official price break down next week. There is 8K in total prize money. We will be going at least 4 deep in both divisions for men and will confirm women’s money when some girls sign up. Come on Stacey, Clarissa, and Melissa!

Q: I always read the mags and see killer shots from cool events like this. If I go do you think the mags will toss my pic on one of the cool glossy pages?
A: We have representatives of 3 of the coolest magazines on the planet coming to the event. Buy editors Ryan R. or Johnny B. a beer and your chances go way up. Buy publisher P Diddy Dave Combe a drink and he’ll probably put you in a full page 4 color ad!

Q: Look, I don't give a sh_t about girly kiteboarding stuff, but I like to kill fish and lobsters, can I do it in Bimini?
A: YES YOU CAN! Kill only what you can eat and refer to the Bahamas regulations for rules and limits. The Wahoo season is kicking into full steam in November and Bimini is the place to be. Spearfishing can only be done with a sling in the Bahamas and no compressed air can be used. Lobsters can be caught in several spots just off the beach. I'd only recommend spearing WITH boat support as the toothy critters are super friendly in the Bahamas and often like to come to dine with you on your freshly stuck fish.