View Full Version : Standup Board Stolen In The Keys

09-02-2008, 11:00 PM
This just in ...

Yep, from Tavernier (just north of Islamorada)...

It is an East Coast Paddlesurfing model 12ft- soft foam on the entire top - blue and light blue on top and regular white (with three stringers) bottom. It has black foam on the sides to prevent paddle damage. It had a Seven sticker on it although it has probably been taken off...although maybe not as it might have been stolen just to sell. Also stolen...the paddle and 12ft board bag, shiny silver.

There are probably 20+ or so of these in Fl as John has sold them here for a year or so...different colors etc...but everone with one like the one above should be happy to say where they bought it!

REWARD!!! pm me please...this could lead to other recent thefts!!! Thanks everyone. Brad