View Full Version : 1st Undergroun Kiteboarding Contest at Ocean Park , Puerto Rico

07-14-2008, 10:36 PM
On Saturday July 19, with the cooperation of the local kiteboarding community of Ocean Park and SkyBanditz Kitesurfing Puerto Rico, we are proud to announce the 1st ever underground contest held in Ocean Park Kite beach for the benefit of the sport and the comunity.

The goal of the event is not to collect money , is to gather all the kite boarders from around the island to show their skills and talent and have fun. Doing this we will call the atenttion of those who don't know the sport and the most important , for me, the young kids !!!!All of us are exited because we love the sport and we want to take a step ahead now . Since the last couple of years nobody cares to do something possitive for us , those who had the tools to make it happen like the PKRA-French couple that run a kite school here , they have done nothing for our comuniy except money same as Vela Uno who cares mostly for the windsurfers... we are tired of them and their B@#$%%%!

So bring your six pack of your favorite drink, family and what ever else you may need to enjoy the day !! get together and party till the end in support of what we love to do : KITEBOARDING

The forecast for that day look very very scary now that we have another tropical storm heading our way saying winds in excess of 20-40 kts and some swells from TS Bertha that will interact with the storm during the weekend!!!!!

For more info look in our facebook page under events !! See you there !!!!