View Full Version : Lost Yellow Underground Wavetray 120

toby wilson
11-20-2006, 10:28 PM
Please be on the lookout for a Yellow Underground Wavetray 120 which was lost by Mercedes in the Tampa Bay KiteMasters race near Redington. It has PJ's name on it and Watersports West's phone number. The board was supposedly found at Madeira Beach and the shop was called about it but the caller would not release his identity or his address. The caller DID claim to be from Sarasota though (not sure how much truth there is to that though). John at WSW had offered to come pick the board up but the caller (who called on Friday 11/17, the day after the race) wanted to remain anonymous and said he would bring it in. The board has not been brought to the shop as of yet and remains missing. If you see this board for sale anywhere or come across someone riding it or a board similar to it, please let either Mira, Amber or I know who has it or where you saw it for sale. The caller is probably going to bring it in on one of the next couple of days but this is just a precaution in case it is being kept or sold. Thanks!!! :D

toby wilson
11-22-2006, 03:39 PM
STILL missing... :roll: :evil: It's not looking good. Please keep your eyes and ears open!!! :wink: