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  1. Wall diving in Grand Cayman
  2. Is that a shark?
  3. STILL OT - Is THAT a Shark???
  4. Launch "Inverted!" - A Look Underwater
  5. Extreme Shark Dives ... in a shark?
  6. Extreme Diving - wonder if the Great Whites think so?
  7. KELP!?
  8. Diving The Forbidden Island Caldera, Whales, Seals, Sharks & More
  9. Deeper Free Dive - Wreck Of The Duane
  10. Severe Barracuda Attack
  11. Lost Wreck Divers Found Alive
  12. Rubber Reefs To Burn
  13. Deeper Into Blueholes
  14. Model's Dress Catches Shark?!
  15. Lightning Strikes Diver In Water, Deerfield Bch., FL
  16. Amazing Underwater Flight!
  17. Pacific Predator Invades Atlantic
  18. VIDEO - Spiegel Grove Scooter Free Diving
  19. New World Record
  20. Spearfishing and lobster
  21. More spearfishing video....did i hear swell is coming?
  22. Dolphins in the storm
  23. VIDEO - Deeper Scooter Free Diving The Cayman Wall
  24. Kent's Excellent Eleuthera Adventure or Don't Hand Feed The Sharks
  25. FIT Free Diving Course
  26. Florida Dive Show 11.15 and 11.16.08
  27. Cave Diving With Monofins
  28. Fatal Shark Attack On Diver Off Great Issac Cay, Bahamas
  29. VIDEO - Free Dive the Vandenberg!
  30. Video - Scooter Free Diving The Rodeo In Current w/Poor Viz In Deep Water
  31. Sled Free Diving The Azores
  32. The islands, shipwreck diving, $5 Million and murder?
  33. Breath-Hold Diving Conference Proceedings
  34. 272 ft. on a breath without fins
  35. Video of Samba or Near Blackout
  36. World Record Winner, Breath-Hold Demonstration
  37. It's not all about Wonderment & Glory, sometimes things go wrong
  38. Interesting free diving clip
  39. Deeper Diving Spots From Shore In SE Florida?
  40. Stoned On One Breath?
  41. Summertime Fun
  42. Free Diving Competition in Florida - SOON!
  43. Drowning Diver Saved By Being Shot With Speargun
  44. Video - Marina Kazanova Free Diving
  45. Florida's Lobster Mini Season
  46. 37 Years Ago
  47. New species?
  48. History of U.S. Navy Diving
  49. Shark Cages are dangerous ...
  50. I want one!
  51. Video - Little Johnnie Free Diving Commercial ???
  52. Blue Wild Dive Show - (2.6 to 2.8.09)
  53. Broward Area Shipwrecks
  54. Video: Death of a Deity
  55. South Florida Free Divers Meeting
  56. NEW 2010 - Lionfish SMASH!? or put some Volatins in your Vodka?
  57. Video: Whales, Reefs & Tanya
  58. NEW Record Attempt - Martin Stepanek In The Red Sea
  59. Dahab Blue Hole and Oceanic Caves
  60. TWO NEW WRECKS to dive in 6 days?! Vandenberg, Now Miracle of Life
  61. Nice Bahamian FD Video
  62. Free Diving Competition - Ft. Laud., FL 7.25-7.26.09
  63. Great Video - The Last Sardine (really!)
  64. VIDEO - Wrecks of the Tracy & Jay Scutti
  65. HELP- UW Videographers, having trouble figuring this out
  66. Video, animation - SAMBA
  67. VIDEO - Bahamian Blue Hole, Hard Bargain Cruise
  68. Video - A unique look at a deeper wreck on a breath via two video cameras
  69. Staghorn Comeback ... off Ft. Lauderdale???
  70. The Dive Sled - BIZARRE FII Red Sea Safari Video
  71. Beneath The Red Sea In Photos
  72. Diving With The Dolphins Of Sataya (Dolphin Reef), Red Sea - A Video
  73. Beneath The Red Sea In Photos - PART II
  74. Video - Diving With Dozens Of Feeding Sharks
  75. VIDEO - Free Diving The Union Express In 110 ft.
  76. Free Diving the Capt. Dan in 100 ft. + Viz!
  77. NEW Underwater Sport Or No?
  78. NEW Full Video - Free Diving The Duane
  79. FII Free Diving Camp Kona, Hawaii
  80. Cat Hanger Shark Attack?
  81. Video,"Life As A Mullet?" (a look from the inside)
  82. Short Video's, Free Diving Palancar Wall
  83. DEMA 2009 DIVE SHOW - Part I Overview In Photos
  84. DEMA 2009 DIVE SHOW - Part II Overview In Photos
  85. Complete Video - Wreck of the Castor, Goliath Grouper Central
  86. Complete Video - Diving Blue Springs, Manatee & Cave
  87. Dive Stories From Back In The Day
  88. Free Diving Caves Of The Labyrinth, Claudia Reef, Red Sea
  89. Teaser Video - New Shark Feeding Video From GoPro HD !!!
  90. Coral Reefs, Preserving Images From The Past
  91. Free diving in Cuba (circa 1967)
  92. Free Diving The Red Sea On Deeper Blue
  93. Bull Shark Nails Spearfisherman Holding Cuda
  94. Tiger Shark Swallows Camera ... hate it when that happens!
  95. Underwater Photo Of The Day
  96. Events at History Of Diving Museum, Islamorada
  97. Showdown At Dean's Blue Hole
  98. 20 Minute+ Breathhold!
  99. The Movie - "Oceans"
  100. Wall Diving to 1200 ft.
  101. Improving GoPro Underwater Focus - One Solution
  102. Alligator Photographed By 60 ft. Reef Off Palm Beach, FL
  103. Questionnaire: Coral Reef Conservation Program
  104. 10 Tips For Avoiding Sharks While Spearfishing (plus one)
  105. Wreck of the SS Sapona, Bimini, Bahamas In Photos
  106. Amazing Box Jelly Survival Story
  107. Into the Blue Wild Show This Weekend
  108. Boat Hits Diver, Divers Flag Ignored
  109. Jacques Yves Cousteau, 100 years Later
  110. UW Camera lost on Aruba salvage job drifts to Key West, triggers time warp
  111. Diving underground, underwater into Devil's Den
  112. Gator Attack On Springs Researcher
  113. Dive Spot - Dania Erojack Reef
  114. Diving Wonders of Freeport, GBI?!
  115. Video - Bladefish 5000 Dive Scooter Demo
  116. Dive Spot - Northern Erojacks and Barge Wreck
  117. BIZARRE VANDENBERG FREE DIVING VIDEO with scooter assist!!!
  118. Free Diving With Sharks At Pygmy Caves, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
  119. Wes Skiles Article - Bahamian Blue Holes in National Geographic
  120. Famous UW Photographer Passes On
  121. Video & Photos - Nassau Shark Dive With Stuart Cove
  122. Video - Free Diving Duncan's Wreck, Lucaya, GBI
  123. Dania Erojacks AND Eyeofmine.com vs. Standard GoPro Housing Underwater
  124. Local Marine Life Hazard Series - Portuguese Man-O-War
  125. Dive Spot - Lauderdale Beach North
  126. Free Dive Bottom Traverse Tenneco Tower & Camera Comparison
  127. What would you do for a sheepshead?
  128. Gold Coast Underwater Grand Prix - Wreck Scooter Race
  129. Keys Lionfish Derbies are ON!!!
  130. NEXT Dive Scooter Race - Wes Skiles Memorial Shootout of Key Largo
  131. 19 Year old almost loses his life freediving
  132. RACE DAY VIDEO & STILLS - Gold Coast UW Grand Prix
  133. Simple, small, CHEAP Lionfish Spear
  134. Discount admission - Florida Dive Show
  135. Lionfish Invasion ... don't panic, Panko is here!
  136. DVD - "Greater Meaning Of Water" Is Out!
  137. Save The Reefs - Eat Tukka Lionfish Ceviche!!!
  138. Free Diving Course in the Bahamas
  139. Looking for lemons on Juno Ledge
  140. Amazing video of sinking fishing boat ... that doesn't!
  141. "Sanctum" - New Cave Diving Feature Film In Theaters
  142. Opinions wanted
  143. Great White Shark Dogs Spearfishermen off Deerfield Bch., FL?
  144. Diving Tips To Try To Avoid The DAN Statistics From DAN
  145. Tissue damage from Nitrox?
  146. Nat. Geo. - Skin Diver Tells His Full Story, 40 Years Later
  147. Shooting Marlin and Sharks
  148. 12 ft. Bull Shark Attacks Spearfisherman
  149. The Blue Wild - Port Everglades
  150. Free 2-Day Underwater Digital Photography Seminar
  151. Tips for better shark photos
  152. Second Lionfish Spearfishing Tournament
  153. Pompano Rodeo - Scooter Free Diving
  154. Videos - Formula 3 Freediving Scooter Grand Prix in Grand Cayman
  155. Vote to help our coral reefs!
  156. Jupiter shark attack
  157. Memorable dolphin encounter?
  158. Lionfish and sharks
  159. 10' White Shark Jumps Into Boat Trying To Nail Chummer
  160. Attack of the Moon Jellys!!!
  161. Free diving Ginnie Springs and the Devil's Spring System
  162. The Search For Columbus' Santa Maria Off Haiti
  163. Thousands of Nicaraguan Lobster Divers Paralyzed, Hundreds Die
  164. Free Diving Highlighted At Surf Expo!
  165. Killing off Nassau Grouper to Extinction!?
  166. Wreck With $200 M In Silver Found In 2600 Fathoms Off Ireland
  167. Biorock Artificial Reef Project - Lauderdale By-The-Sea
  168. 2011 Miami Lionfish Smash Is ON!!!
  169. This is your Ocean: Sharks Premier Thursday
  170. Video: Shark Bites Diver's Head
  171. Artisanal Spearfisherman Struggle To Survive On Thinning Reef Resources
  172. Free Diving The Captain Dan - Video & Photos
  173. NEW GoPro DIVE HOUSING on the wreck of the Tracy
  174. 2012 Vandenberg Underwater Grand Prix Dive Scooter Race
  175. Legs Amputated While Diving, Rob Murphy Takes Freediving Course, Returns To The Sea
  176. REWARD for lost GoPro - Wreck of the Mohawk
  177. 48 Tons ($39 M) In Silver 4.8 km Deep WWII Wreck
  178. Eel Rips Lobster Divers Hand & Other Attacks
  179. Islamorada Adventure!
  180. FWC increases lionfish harvest opportunities, asks public to help
  181. Dr. Ray McAllister Passes On
  182. Ribbonfish-like critter??? Have you seen these on the reefs before?
  183. Study: Over-harvesting of reef fish IS reducing the catch
  184. Free Diving Video - "Breathe"
  185. Clinton Bolton & The Oceanic Whitetip In The Out Islands
  186. Video - Free Diving The Ancient Mariner In Outstanding Bluewater Visibility!
  187. Scooter Free Diving Skates
  188. Photos - United Caribbean Wreck
  189. Photos - More Wreck Free Diving
  190. Seal Kills & Eats FIVE Sharks!
  191. Shipwreck Off Briny Breezes
  192. Video - Shark Attacks Scuba Diver On Keys Wreck
  193. Free Diving the Ancient Mariner & Sea Emperor
  194. Cayman Free Diving Video
  195. Hans & Lotte Hass, "Adventures In The Red Sea" (1951)
  196. Anti-Shark Wetsuits - The Pattern Of Attack
  197. Video: Close White Shark Encounter With Spearfisherman
  198. Cenote Free Diving In Mexico
  199. "No Limits" Documentary On Audrey Mastre's Free Diving Fatality
  200. Warm Mineral Springs UW archaeological Site
  201. Video - Hammerhead Shark & Caves In The Central Bahamas
  202. Video - Free Diving Interior Of The Sea Emperor
  203. Video - Night Dive With Massive Goliath Grouper
  204. Video - Caribbean Reef Shark Attack
  205. "The Sinking World of Andreas Franke" - Art On Shipwrecks!
  206. White Shark Attacks FL Diver, Another GW Heads For S. Florida?
  207. Anti-shark Gadgets
  208. Startling Images of Well Preserved 450 Year Old Shipwreck
  209. Goliath Grouper Stories Or Divers Go Down Better With ?
  210. Video - Night Scooter Free Diving & Sherrod World Record Attempt
  211. IRME, A Short Film - The Passing Of Sponge Diving In Turkey
  212. Water Born TV - Creative Free Diving Videos
  213. The Life & Times of Big John McLaughlin
  214. Pearl Diving In The Gulf Of California In Mexico?
  215. Free Diving Le Rubis
  216. Eric Cheng's GoPro Shark Horderve Fork In Action
  217. Free Diver Attacked By Shark Off Jupiter
  218. UW Photographer Attacked By Rare Blue Shark In Warm Shallows Of Florida Keys
  219. Dive Spot: The Wreck of the Lofthus
  220. Great White Autonomous Teething Biscuit, uh or something ...
  221. Rapa Nui Artificial Reef Comes To Deerfield Beach Soon!
  222. Dive Spot - Free Diving Circuit North of Commerical Pier
  223. A Look At The Army Combat Diving School, Key West
  224. Rare Aggressive Hammerhead Sharks Move Into SoCAL
  225. Securing unmanned boats while underway
  226. "The Compleat Goggler" by Guy Gilpatrick
  227. Shark Attacks Boat With Explosives
  228. Amazingly Preserved 132 Yr. Old Shipwreck
  229. Murder By Pirates On Cay Sal Bank In the 1960's