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  1. Welcome!
  2. good to be here.
  3. where's my hellfish'es
  4. wind in Abaco
  5. Lowest Traffic Forum in the History of the www:
  6. Boat to Club M
  7. happy birthday Mr. Mocean
  8. Bahamian at the KWTP
  9. going off like prawns in the sun
  10. i want to kite board ;-( !!!
  11. Emilly's on the way
  12. summer wind Nassu
  13. hell fish land observation:-(!
  14. Kiting Weds pm?
  15. Bladderless inflatable wing made only from Cuben Fiber!??
  16. tropical storm watch
  17. Summer sux.
  18. Where are the damn HF??
  19. What do you guys think about the Crossbow ??
  20. Houseboat rental in Exumas
  21. See you guys in a couple of weeks.
  22. Off topic: 220 volts
  23. August
  24. training / protect our fav sppts
  25. hellfish blues
  27. Bahamas Kite Race Nov. 28 to Dec. 12 2005
  28. DK stuff is in
  29. BEST bashes X-Bow: wow.
  30. wind catt island
  31. crossbows are in demo today at blue hill.
  32. cabareta
  33. wind for the rest of the week
  34. Crossbow!,oh! Crossbow!,how, do i love thee
  35. How far around can you sail BH- SSW? SW?
  36. Anybody thinking about going in the Florida-Bimini
  37. crossbows
  38. pimps
  39. the surf is up no more paddeling
  40. Takoon Nova VS Crossbow
  41. "Doesn't matter how you rig it, as long as you rig it r
  42. roger H never seen him ride so hard
  43. who's going where
  44. Uploading Photos
  45. board riders BBQ ( freinds and kids of board riders)
  47. Costa Rica trip
  48. ballonboy vs. Wilma
  49. December Kite trip
  50. A new spot in born
  51. what ever happened to that boat that ran aground at club med
  52. Air rush,Halo Naish,Shockwave
  53. Now THIS is sick, big air
  54. Would you like to personalize your kite ???
  55. Balloon boy getting big air :-D
  56. Where is that OZZIE ;-D????
  57. 06 North Vegas & Slingshot Turbo Diesel pics
  58. kiter clinic this saturday 12 of nov 11am goodmans bay
  59. show poneys verses rocks and a peak hour trafic
  60. into the air (film by paul menta playing @ bahamas film fest
  61. whos got right of way
  62. friday 18th Nov
  63. wind 16 to 20kts tomorrow
  64. beach overcrowded
  65. surf
  66. Friday 2 December
  67. old and new gear for sale
  68. looks likegood wind for the up and coming week
  70. As I'm just about the only one still kiting on C kite-
  71. kite designing knowledge
  72. how do you know that wife loves you?
  73. whos going out tomorrow?
  74. so long Joffa
  75. www.cross-shore.com
  76. did someone say it was frickin Summer !!!!!!!
  77. aj needs a helper
  78. BBQ for Roger
  79. this weather sux!
  80. Good News and Happy New Year!
  81. who is going out tomorrow
  82. so long roger
  83. Jason is riding !!
  84. neck and back adjusted
  85. Did I miss much today ??
  86. who is loving there bow kite?
  87. poem ode to blue hill
  88. back in town
  89. This W/E is looking pretty promising...
  90. Aerial Assault DVD
  92. coming to nassau
  93. www.cross-shore.com is updated
  94. crack of dawn kiting anyone??
  95. george town exuma
  96. kickers at blue hill
  97. accomodation in nassau or exuma
  98. nice wind today
  99. Grand Bahama Island
  100. Great Old Bahamian Chart
  101. Custom kite boards?
  103. Bahama Yacht Charter & Kitesurfing Trip
  104. MoyleMuncha’s back!!!
  105. the wind gods are trying to give moylie a brake
  106. welcome in the summer BBQ
  107. Maui, Oh my Gosh !!!!
  108. Scotsman needing info on Bahamas kitesurfing
  109. Upwind - The Launch of Kiteboarding
  110. Sea of Abaco Sail & Kite trip
  111. Thanks everyone, see you all soon..
  112. going old school this summer
  113. News Update?
  114. Apparent get together at Balloonboy's place this Thursday
  115. kiteboaders silhouette at Go slow bend!
  116. Best session testimonies!
  117. SORRY- GET TOGETHER CANCELLED: moved to next Thursday
  118. liquid force pro riders coming down
  119. tow in surf - episode 1
  120. New Providence Thermal Winds?
  122. mateo is gone for 3 weeks so there is going to be wind
  123. AMAZING
  124. Well this sucks. I'm outta here:
  125. What will kiteboarding be like in 5 years?
  126. this thursday looks good
  127. Newbie to Turks & Caicos
  128. Killer winds a comin!!
  129. Tarifa: pls turn down the wind !!!
  130. Jamaica ???
  131. bull sharks at blue hill
  132. Go-slow 5pm: good call guys !!
  133. Down winda (Yamacraw-Blue Hill) This Saturday(July1)
  134. harbor island sunday
  135. Hampton Blow Out
  136. it's a girl
  137. Cat Island, Bahamas!
  138. designs for a T-shirt ?
  139. tribel sacrifices at blue hill
  140. Planning a kite trip to Freeport in November, any advise?
  141. Cabrinha, say it ain’t so!!!!!!
  142. Can you really get away with one kite quiver ???
  143. the man of steal and his mates
  144. Biggest kite boarding blunders?
  145. KITE VIDEO NITE this Thursday at 8pm at chez Balloonboy's
  146. Is gear less expensive in the Bahamas?
  147. i'm in spanish wells
  148. kite security
  149. surfexpo anyone ??
  150. kool kite boarding pics
  151. Windsonline
  152. Ready for A sweet a@# time?
  153. Ernesto
  154. about bloody time we get some wind
  155. kiteboarding park
  156. I am so board I could get my acl's fixed
  157. How was the kiting over the last 3 weeks while I was gone?
  158. Kiteboarding Research:Risk Management,Participation,Injuries
  159. Kiteboarding Research: What is it all about?
  160. no wind at the moment but we got waves
  161. Discovery chs Stunt Junky kiteboarding jump videos
  162. Shuman-style land boosting video (only a tad higher):
  164. New Kiting DVD! New Projector! Come one, come all!
  165. Reminiscing of better winds and how we all met
  166. Best Waroo 16 and Cabrihna Contra 14
  167. My new boardz: if only there was wind
  168. wind looks good for next week
  169. Finally some Boom-Ba-clad wind.
  170. stoked for the return of the NE wind...... add to this poem.
  171. photographers
  172. Waves 'n kites rool
  173. yamacraw
  174. This week, Wed-Fri?
  175. Green Turtle Cay in December
  176. Anyone have some spare foot straps for sale
  177. is anyone goin ridin today
  178. Visiting oct 21-27
  179. holy she-ite muslem ,we got some wind coming
  180. my new flash site is up
  181. Sw wind forcast for sat :::::love beach wave session::::
  182. weekend nov 4th and 5th
  183. Anyone headin out today...
  184. How many kiters?
  185. The winds a comin!!! the winds a comin!!!!
  186. Ehat spot is everyone gonna hit this weekend
  187. Who wants to go ridin???
  188. Blue Hill Anyone..?????
  189. love beach - wave riding
  190. a GOOD day at Go-Slow
  191. Hows the video from the w/e look?
  192. Who can make NEXT Thurs. (Nov. 16th) for a GTG at my place?
  193. Check this video Clip!!!!!
  194. Bahamian Downwinder
  195. We might get some wind....
  196. partner in crime needed for tuesday
  197. info
  198. Any wind expected for the Thanksgiving weekend
  199. Halo 14m '07
  200. next time you guys do a down winder put a note on ya car
  201. Kiteboarding dvd's???
  202. Wouldn't it be nice if Prayfawind . . .
  203. Wind forecast for next week
  204. Kitehouse Dec 29th - January 1st..
  205. Best Locations for Wind Conditions
  206. shuman better get a new kite soon roby D is catching up fast
  207. That had to hurt!!
  208. lost and found
  209. Funniest clip ever, have to watch
  210. Sweet union with old Betty
  211. winter BBQ and free beginner's clinic
  212. wednesday
  213. Phone numbers please
  214. Lucky Mark...if it was me I would have had to swim back....
  215. roby D the guinea pig youtube link
  216. Downwinder Yamacraw to Blue hill Anyone
  217. More ENE crap wind next week
  218. Blue Hill this week....
  219. another you tube clip of south beach allso kicker clip
  220. weather links for the bahamas
  221. Christmas afternoon ride???
  222. I need a new helper
  223. spanish well on saterday
  224. anyone goin ridin tommorow
  225. Eleuthera ??
  226. suicide leash
  227. Lost Pump
  228. vid by helicopter
  229. Waveriding on Sunday anybody ??
  230. Another in a series of major cultural events:
  231. im in love
  232. wind meter and web cam blue hill
  233. instant messaging on this forum
  234. Harness?
  235. i think its bout time we took a trip
  236. Holy _hit!
  237. Measure u speed,distance n height while kiteboarding
  238. will bring u some wind
  239. monday...CLub Med ANyone
  240. tired of all the driving
  241. News!
  242. is the winter season over already???
  243. do you think that the wind picks up with the tide?
  244. what are everyones plans for tommorow?
  245. Got my backpack stolen !!!
  246. Spanish wells ...goes off like prawns in the sun"
  247. Way to go Robbie !!
  248. coming to the bahamas this may or june. what kites??
  249. is "turning speed" always a good thing ?
  250. Another GTG (I know, yawn) Weds March 28th 8pm